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Visit your wedding and event specialists, all under one roof – from wedding dresses to cakes, djs to spray tans and much, much more

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Martels Business Village

We open our doors at Martels Business Village this evening for the first time to guests, friends, family, other wedding and event professionals and brides to be! Martels Business Village for those that haven’t heard of us yet, is a purpose made event village with many professional suppliers to the event industry.  With other companies… View Article

Networking meetings

New year – new Eventnet plans. For those of you that know me well, know that getting to grips with technology is not my forte! But I’m back in the mood after a wonderful Christmas and new year break and able to pop into words for you about our company re-launch…………. well thanks to a… View Article

Eventnet Christmas Party

EVENTNET CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION – We all had the most wonderful time at the Eventnet Christmas party this year! Held at the Colchester Officers’ Club we were thoroughly spoilt by Stuart Evans and his team, so a huge thank you to them for great wine and fab food. We also had the pleasure of the bands… View Article


Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while, but getting to grips with technology is not my forte! But I’m back in the mood and able to pop into words for you about our company re-launch…………. well thanks to a fab company called DCSR we now have a lovely new logo and website. Eventnet was born… View Article

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NEW! Dunmow Eventnet

NEW! Dunmow Eventnet

August 12, 2014 6:30 pm